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IngénueWitty Films is a film production company dedicated to creating stories for and about women and minorities. We provide services throughout the production process from inception through post-production with the utmost attention to detail and quality, at a competitive rate, with wit and ingenuity.  From independent filmmakers and artists to established firms and notable producers, we build what you create

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Production Services

  • On set production services offered throughout entirety of shoot.

Post Production Services

  • Editing services—proficient in AVID/ ADOBE PREMIERE PRO

  • Color Correction

  • Sound Design

  • Graphics & Text design

Pre-Production Services

  • Budgeting

  • Insurance

  • Scout and secure locations

  • Hiring of production and post production crew

  • SAG/ AFTRA Paperwork

  • Consultations to determine artistic realization and efficient execution

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